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Mass Media Exchange

What is MassMedia eXchange?
What is the mission of the MMX?

How do I use MassMedia eXchange?

MassMedia eXchange is a project of MassAccess begun originally in 2009 to help connect the Commonwealth to citizens through community media. In its inception, it was called "MyMassTV" or "MyMassTV Network".

Working collaboratively with members and volunteers of the Alliance for Community Media, and several equipment vendors, including: TelVue, Tightrope Media Systems, and Leightronix, volunteers of MassAccess Board developed video/audio standards so that different stations using a variety of equipment could upload/download, and effectively "share" programs with statewide interest to over 100 community media centers across the Commonwealth.

In mid-2014 as technology marched on, the MyMassTV Server was upgraded through TelVue and today, MassMedia eXchange remains statewide government & non-profit network distributing TV programs, videos & PSAs provided by agencies and officials of the State of Massachusetts, federal and regional agencies and elected officials and non-profit groups or institutions with statewide service areas. Programs with state or regional interest are also provided by Massachusetts-based community TV & media centers, affiliates, and individual producers.

All MassAccess members may utilize MMX to upload and download programs, PSA's and videos with over 100 communities in Massachusetts.
To request a login for MassMedia eXchange, please email bill@mashpeetv.com

The mission of the MassMedia eXchange is:

  • To provide a single digital broadcast network for use by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - and other government agencies and non-profits - at no cost to distribute timely programming and vital information to residents of Massachusetts via local community TV centers across the state.
  • To provide a single distribution site for use by Massachusetts based community TV & media centers to upload relevant programming and to download timely programs for local playback in communities across the Commonwealth.

Here is a video tutorial on how to use MMX and download this brief guide on How to Use MMX.