MyMassTV Network

What is MyMassTV?

The MyMassTV Network is a project of MassAccess begun originally in 2009 to help connect the Commonwealth to citizens through community media.

MyMassTV is a statewide government & non-profit network distributing TV programs, videos & PSAs provided by agencies and officials of the State of Massachusetts, federal and regional agencies and elected officials and non-profit groups or institutions with statewide service areas. Programs with state or regional interest are also provided by Massachusetts-based community TV & media centers.

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The mission of MyMassTV is twofold:

  • To provide a single digital broadcast network for use by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts - and other government agencies and non-profits - at no cost to distribute timely programming and vital information to residents of Massachusetts via local community TV centers across the state.
  • To provide a single distribution site for use by Massachusetts based community TV & media centers to upload relevant programming and to download timely programs for local playback in communities across the Commonwealth.

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Please note that your login credentials to MyMassTV are different from the login/password to the MassAccess website.